Blogging Baby

Blogging our first pregnancy and child rearing, all the ups and downs, tears and laughs and overthinking that not only comes with being knocked up and a new Momma, but with just being me.

This is 44 Months.  

Running, so much running. 

Exploring everything around him. 

Climbing on anything he can. 

And just generally being a kid.

A kid that brings so much joy, laughs and yes of course a few frustrations- because we are talking about a 3 year old here ;).

A hot a rainy Saturday has us stuck indoors. It ain’t so bad.

A hot a rainy Saturday has us stuck indoors. It ain’t so bad.

We Did It!

I kind of felt like doing the Dora song and dance after Emilio went to bed last night.  

We did it! We did it! We did it! Horray!  

We had 5 nights just the two of us - we did it! 

We played, and we walked Dijjy Dee- we did it!

We hosted a party and had lots of fun- we did it!

We went running and colored and grocery shopped, yeah we did it! 

But seriously.  A Long weekend- Thursday night to Monday night-  with a 6 month pregs Mama in the way too hot for September heat with a full of energy, no more napping 3.5 year old!  

But we did it.  

Saturday was a little tough- I got the brunt of E missing his Dada, his playmate, but for the most part we had smooth sailing. 

We kicked off the weekend with a trip to my Chiro where E loves to build towers and then use my phone to take pictures

Then we ran 1.5 miles to a playground, had some fun and ran home.

And then I needed a nap. 

Which I got a little of one later thanks to a new pack of superhero stickers and a fan E thought needed decorating.  The stickers were also bought at the same time as an Avengers coloring book.  And the theme for the weekend grew from there.  E definitely discovered a love for coloring, superheros of course. And this helped Mama get little cat naps in :)

And we both had fun hosting a party for my natural mom’s group - check out E’s decoration of the kiddie pool!

We started every morning with French Toast

and got out every day for walks with Dij

And time in the garden

By Monday evening we had a good thing going and I was so grateful for this time with Emilio.  He’s quite the kiddo.  That’s for sure. 

Almost a month late. But this is 43 months.

Nightime Mama


When you wake up and the small warm body isn’t next to you in bed.

Because he’s growing up and sleeping in his own bed for longer feels okay for him now.

Even though he still needs you next to him to fall asleep. 

But you cannot imagine falling asleep without checking that he hasn’t stopped breathing in his sleep.  Still.  Although he’s grown out of that, your anxious mothering mind has not.  And probably never will. 

But you won’t, because you don’t want to wake him.  You’ll just access the rational region of your brain and put it to work at 3:00AM.

So now you’re really awake.

And you might as well pee. 


The door opens, and footsteps fall in the hall.  And there is a second of panic before relief hits.

And he climbs in to your bed and whispers, “Mama.”

And the relief he feels matches your own. 

Because at 4:30 in the morning, no matter who you are, if you awaken from your sleep not to rise purposely, you want your Mama. 

Random Musings

Matt is not the Dad that tells his kiddos not to blow bubbles in drinks, he’s the Dad that teaches them how. 


As powerful as it is to teach kiddos how to express their feelings and use their words, we hear a lot of 

"That’s not nice!"

When Emilio just doesn’t like a decision we’ve made, or something we’ve said about what he has to do. 

And every time I think of this Meme: 


Sometimes the weird guy you ride with on the train every morning will fulfill his weirdness when he talks to your 3.5 year old for 30 minutes about superheros. 


I read a lot about gentle parenting, and empathetic limits.  And it all really speaks to me.  

And every time I see it work I’m so thankful. Because, parenting is hard work.  REALLY HARD work.  

And having someone help you piece together the way you want to parent is so helpful because you need those reminders to put in to action in the tough times.  

And having that pieced together method help your child have a better night means you have a better night together, and as a working Mom that’s phenomenal. 


Related to above - Emilio went from looking at his plate and scowling and telling me “that’s not nice” about what I made for dinner 

to crying on my lap about his hard day

To looking back at his plate, eating it and declaring, “This is so yummy Mama!  Thank you for making it!”

When Daycare Calls

  • "Hi!"
  • "Hi Adrienne, how are you?"
  • "I"m fine, how is..."
  • "Everything is fine!! It is (insert name of child)'s birthday today and the Mom brought in cupcakes. I know Emilio can't have (Wheat, Dairy, Sugar) but he seems to really want one and asked if he could just have the bottom"
  • *Side Note - how savvy is my kid to know that if he just asks for a little he will likely get it?*
  • "Oh, okay, yeah if you just cut off the top and give him the bottom that's okay."
  • "Oh, he's right here too he wants to talk to you."
  • "Hi buddy!"
  • squeaky little boy voice "Hi!"
  • "You want some cupcake?"
  • hesitation "Yeah.."
  • "Okay, you can just have the bottom, okay?"
  • "Okay Mama!"
  • "How's your day going?"
  • "Good."
  • "Is it Mary's Birthday?"
  • "Yes."
  • "Did you sing her happy birthday?"
  • "No. Not yet!"
  • "Did you give her a hug?"
  • "Yes, I already gave her a hug at her party."
  • "Did you talk to her about the Lego set you gave her?"
  • "Yes, I did at her party, at the Carousel."
  • "Okay. Okay, bye Buddy!"
  • "Okay, bye."
  • "I love you."
  • Silence. Background children's noises. a few minutes pass.
  • "Milio, are you still there?"
  • "Yeah."
  • "Oh, okay. Did you go outside today or is too rainy?"
  • "I really have to go pee."
  • "Okay Bye Buddy!"
  • "Bye Mommy"


Last night, as I lay in bed I thought of you.  

Usually, when I climb in to bed in the evening, you’re right there, wiggling around making yourself known.  

And so I lay on my back, waiting for you.  And as I felt a bump and a kick I reached my hand down, pressing ever so slightly and you wiggled away from my hand. 

You twirled, and moved quickly, spinning in your water world feeling your own body and strength.  

I smiled and felt love rush over and through me as I thought of what was to come.  

I placed my hand flat on my growing belly, pressing again.  I felt a movement against my hand.  A response, a hello. 

I’d like to think it was your hand.

Our first high five.  

You’ll be named for your Great Grandfather, your Dada’s Grandpa.  A man he is in many ways.  And I think about how you may possess some of his qualities.

Not his red hair, not likely, but his calmness, his sweetness, his love for all those in his life.  

His caring nature, and nurturing way of being in the world. 

I think of these things, when my day has ended.  When there is calmness around me and the lights are off.  It is when I can connect with you, with how you are and who you may be.  

But, I can wait.  You have time yet, little A.